Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ok, first day attempt at Paleo, Here's how I'll be eating for the next 30 days, It's basically how I eat but cutting out all the crap. More will be revealed. - Meat - GRASS-FED, not grain-fed. Grain causes the same problem in animals as they do in humans. - Fowl - Chicken, duck, hen, turkey…things with wings that (try to) fly. - Fish - Wild fish, as mercury and other toxins can be an issue in farmed fish - Eggs - Look for Omega-3 enriched eggs. - Vegetables - As long as they’re not deep-fried, eat as many as you want. - Oils - Olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil – think natural. - Fruits - Have natural sugar, and can be higher in calories, so limit if you’re trying to lose weight. - Nuts - High in calories, so they’re good for a snack, but don’t eat bags and bags of them. - Tubers - Sweet potatoes and yams. Higher in calories and carbs, so these are good for right after a workout to replenish your glycogen levels.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


August may only be second to February on my list of hated months. But why hate August, it is still summer right? Sort of, I guess, but mostly I feel anxious, school is starting.......the school bus, surprise quizzes, homework, other kids that had that growth spurt I never had, kids I picked on the year before now picking on me, waking up early........oh the pain!
To make matters worse I felt my only protection was to swaddle myself in my new school year armor; the fall wardrobe, which in the heat of september only made me sweaty, in addition to being anxious.
Part of the reason I quickly dove in to my long pants and shirts was that I always felt uncomfortable with myself. I was envious of the kids who just never cared how they looked or at least wouldn't sweat their ass off because they were afraid of getting made fun of in some way for wearing shorts. I wish I had my Barefoot Bootcamp back then, I would have been in awesome shape..... My white New Balance high tops accentuating my sinewy calves, My Maui and Sons shorts draped perfectly around my trim waist and my OP t-shirt just hugging my perfect pecs and biceps. This is now attainable to all of us through the dynamic fitness class known as Hal's Barefoot Bootcamp..........sign up now!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Train smart for competition

It happens all the time when training for an event as demanding as the spartan races, I push myself so hard in training that I’m injured, completely burnt out or both by the time it comes to the actual competition. To prepare for the spartan sprint race in Tuxedo I didn’t alter my normal training regimen and was pretty pleased with my results. But thats not going to fly this september in staten island, I’m going to need what I brought to Tuxdedo......and then some. I’ve really been pushing myself these last few weeks to increase my endurance, the fantasy of coming even close to Hobie drives me through each intense workout. I often think.... what’s Hobie doing? what does this one say about nutrition? What about this fitness guru, what’s he saying? There’s no question that there’s useful information out there but adhering to someone else’s training program to the letter is somewhat akin to taking someone’s meds because you have similar symptoms. I believe that when it comes to preparing for events such as these, an eclectic approach is best. You are your best coach, listening closely to the cues your body is giving you. For me this means recovery time is as important as intensive training time. I have a bad habit of trying to train through an injury, or rather not altering my training appropriately when injured. Sometimes I’ll almost unconsciously target the area of my body that’s injured (maybe I should discuss that one in therapy). I’m really attempting a different approach this time.......more rest, better nutrition, smarter training. I will keep you posted on my (hopefully uninjured) status.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

NY Spartan Race. 6/4/11

The spartan race sprint is 3 miles of brutal hill running, rock scrambling, obstacle scaling, javelin throwing and gladiator avoiding hell and it's the most painful fun I've had in a long time. I finished in the top 10% of the elite division and my clients Courtney and Margaret finished 1st and 9th (I'm blown away). This was a wicked tough race and all facets of my training were utilized. The aspect of Inside Out Training that that was most beneficial to me during the race was the mind-fullness that I always preach to all my students. Be aware of your energy levels, your abilities and your rate of recovery, training smart is the best way to become a winner. To me training smart means "I buy the whole package", strength, flexibility, agility, power and speed, and with these in your arsenal you'll never be a loser. To me, not being a loser is not letting myself down no matter what place I finish, it's knowing that there were no "holes" in my program and confirmation that I'm training effectively for what I want to excel at. I compete against myself, pushing as hard as I can, comfortable in my own abilities I find myself encouraging other racers, because that's who I want to be, and what I want to receive from other people. This is where I'm most at home, helping coaching and supporting, simply because I want the same things and hope to be treated the same way. This is winning at life, the person I want to be. There are more races to come, I feel re-invigorated and motivated for the next event, now I've got something to train for!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

staying positive.................

Sounds easy, but for me it can be very hard. "Acting as if"is easy, wearing the cloak of positivity and forward progress while not truly feeling it inside. I strive to have my inside feelings match my outside projections but usually for short of my high expectations. although this projection is a giant step toward actually feeling good, I can still feel the inner gnawing and the turmoil that stirs within my gut. And by the way, whoever is stirring the gnawing and turmoil: Could you please put down that knife and switch to wooden spoon? Thank you.
What I've come to understand is that my coping mechanisms are unhealthy and this is certainly not a revelation, But at the same time it helps to recognize that this way of coping is also habit, ingrained over a lifetime. Positive habits take time too, but they don't necessarily have to take another 40 yrs (ok, 41). My negative habits are simply the path of least resistance. Positive habits take strength and a focused awareness on the positive to truly create powerful intent. I want great relationships in all aspects, to be as fit as I can be,and to have my financial needs met, to name a few. All of these great things first require a spiritual path that is as uncluttered as possible, this path is not the one of least resistance but one of perseverance, hard work and commitment. Bring this to your workout and your success is guaranteed.

Monday, April 25, 2011

limitations lead to creation

Beautiful day yesterday, sunny, 70 degrees, perfect for a run.
running shoes,i-pod, fueled up and hydrated. I felt great and was cruising along e. river park when about a mile in, that familiar feeling started in my lower right calf, to describe it more succinctly, it's a little like a hot poker is being thrust in to my lower leg. To make a long story over. This injury has been plaguing me for a year now and is not going away. I stretch, I strengthen, I ice, I heat, I wrap, but nothing seems to help. It was time to face the hard truth, which is that I'm not a runner, never was and doesn't look like I will ever be. Somewhere between the end of last summer and now I've come to accept certain physical limitations, one of which is the above mentioned. Last year I near flogged myself for every busted run, but I'm not going to do it anymore. I experienced my "flat tire" right in front of a great outdoor work out area in e. river park, pull up bars, dip bar, monkey bars, slant boards and some low hung rings make for a great workout. Throw in some jump squats and jump lunges, grab a loosened cobblestone as an awkward dumbbell and do twists, sots presses and fingertip curls. This was great and I was exhausted. This is the type of workout that helped inspire me to create my inside out training system. No rules, no boundaries, no waiting for equipment, just use what's at hand and get at it. Go as long and hard as possible and results are inevitable. To experience this burn come to my barefoot bootcamp, Monday - Friday at 12 and 4, Saturdays at 12:30.