Wednesday, October 6, 2010

20 breaths

Since my last post was about awareness I thought I'd share something that is helping me to stay more aware which is why I've named it "20 breaths". I started doing this right after jiu-jitsu to center myself from the frenzy and transition back to a world that doesn't exist on a blue mat, with some other dude trying to choke, break or otherwise force you into submission.
I got this idea from chopra who talks about methods of meditation in "Reinventing the Body and Resurrecting the Soul". I like to incorporate a count or focus on numbers because the reality is that I can't really lay there too long and the 20 count reassures my still frantic mind that I'll still get to wherever I have to be on time (which is usually nowhere at that time of day)
All I do is find a spot lay on my back, hands at my sides (corpse pose), and count to 20 while taking deep inhales and controlled exhales. I do my best to clear my mind and for me that just means I'm only distracted every 20 seconds or so, but I also remind myself that skilled people weren't born with their skills and that this takes practice.

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