Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm hurt - act locally, think globally

I strained my left oblique in jiu jitsu, everyone gets hurt sometimes and this was my moment, unfortunately it wasn't aligned with my re-newed desire to train after my last new, renewed desire had run out. So, I can't roll (grapple), sneezing hurts, and it feels like someone's poking me with a stick in the side 24/7.
It pretty much sucks, but if you're like me, like I know a lot of people are, you're not going to let an injury sideline you. I'm not grappling right now (I really try to use common sense), that's just gonna do more harm than good. But sitting on the couch with some ice cream's not really going to help either. In these situations, with these kinds of injuries, I feel it's best to keep moving. I'm doing cardio, some yoga, light stretching of the area, I'm still gettin my pump on, feel me.
I'm treating my strain with a combination of ice, heat and advil and as Dr. Cullins from NY PT Health & Rehab advised "always end your ice/heat treatment with ice". I'm treating my injury locally and treating my body and mind with IOT, hence "acting locally but thinking globally".
This is the goal of IOT, to have the awareness to know yourself enough to make the appropriate decisions for yourself with the help of the professionals when these situations arise.

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