Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kari's Post

“I hate yoga and I’m not doing any of that IOT shit”. This was one of the first things that my client Kari greeted me with the other morning before we began her session. Kari hates yoga (obviously) and doesn’t want anything to do with it (doing exercise barefoot is obviously very closely associated to yoga which brings us directly back to the first sentence). Kari loves her training and I love her for loving her training, she looks great and is happy, which makes me happy, it’s a big hippie love fest...... not exactly (see first sentence again)
Kari came to me 6 weeks after having her second child after she was recommended to me by another post natal client Heather, (who without her I would have none of these wonderful new moms in my life) who told her, “I have this great trainer, he knocked the baby weight right off me”.
Kari and I were training together for about 10 months before I introduced her to “Inside Out Training”. When I first began to implement the IOT system, I met with a lot of resistance, due in large part to the word yoga. When I even so much as mentioned yoga to Kari, a mental wall went up. Mind you, the words plyometrics, kettlebells and dumbbell training were also included in this dialogue, and to me, when you put those 3 together, you’re in for a good ass kicking workout.
Kari convinced me that i needed to more clearly define my approach so as not to turn off prospective clients with this yogic connotation. In other words, tell them “I’ve lost 20lbs since we’ve been training”, tell them “I have crazy ripped delts” (ok, she didn’t say that, another trainer told her that), Tell them “that this training is hard, probably the hardest thing you’ll ever do”. Why is she getting these results? Why is this so hard?
Because at the more challenging phases of IOT the addition of yoga is utilized mostly in the form of active rest/recovery. Try doing a kettlebell bent row, alternating each rep with a kettlebell snatch for 1 minute and you’re gonna need to sit down. But in IOT you’re not going to, you’re gonna hold a standing leg extension, dancers pose or even tree for another 30 seconds and that’s your rest. Try holding crow for 30 seconds after that....... your shoulders will be on fire!
Kari is still opening her mind to this style of training, but she’s come a long way and she still does what I say because she likes to work hard and that’s what I make her do.
Forget what you know about training, I will teach you another way. You will lose weight and look fantastic but more importantly you’ll be able to keep up with those kids catch them and hoist them on to your shoulders without tearing a rotator or throwing your back out while doing it. Call me at 917-912-1432 to schedule an appointment.

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