Tuesday, October 12, 2010

upside down eating - continued

continued from 10/11, which is funny because now this post will appear on top of the last post, essentially upside down.
I believe a large part of the reason that people suffer from this is the desire to be socially accepted. For me, that means that sometimes I may feel left out because my friend, partner, or group are doing things, eating things, etc. that are going to get in the way of my goals, and if weight loss and physical conditioning are one of these, then I need to prioritize that. I have to believe that if you've paid all this money for personal training than your fitness goals are a top priority, at least for the amount of time that you've hired your trainer.
Honor yourself and your goals, make a short term commitment a lifetime practice, make good habits the most glaring, and as my friend Les says "train your weaknesses to become your strengths".

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