Monday, October 11, 2010

upside down eating

Breakfast - the name implies breaking a fast which has occurred during the hours we are at rest or more literally from the time we stopped eating the previous day. For most of this is about 10-12 hrs, which is a long time to go without food. Even though our basal metabolic rate is very low during rest, WE NEED TO EAT! I can't perform any of the goals, plans, or tasks I've planned for the day without the proper fuel.
In my experience I've found that I skip breakfast when I overate the night before. That heavy meal that I've had too close to bed time is laying undigested in my stomach making me believe that I've no need for breakfast. My body is working over time to break down the carbs, fats and proteins that should have been well on their way to being completely digested hours ago.
This kind of eating is upside down, you cannot train or perform even close to optimally with this kind of nutrition. Upside down eating is one of the biggest obstacles I must overcome in myself and in my clients. One of the main reasons this is................ to be continued.

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