Saturday, October 9, 2010

Upside down thinking

This post is about energy and the conservation of it. Because my thinking, hopes, fantasies and best intentions run streaming through my overactive brain and tell my body that I'm capable of all things, all the time.
Very positive, right? I think so, but in order to make the hopes and intentions reality I had to take a good hard look at where my energy was going in the first place. Years ago I put energy in a strictly physical "box". For example, if I ran a certain distance, I'd become exhausted, if I lifted this much weight, I'd become incredibly fatigued. You get the idea.
It became obvious over time that my energy expenditure also had a lot to do with what I did with the time that I looked at as pure indulgent relaxation. For me this included watching "bad" TV and eating "bad" food. Both of these I discovered required way more energy than relaxation should require, I equate relaxing with re-charging both mentally and physically.
Here's where the healthy choice comes in, If I wanted to live a life that I wanted to live. This life includes travel, working on my business and in general putting my best effort toward things that allow me to experience real joy and serenity. So, what I'm saying is that those things that I thought were helping me to relax were the root of the anxiety which was in my way from experiencing the peace that is the re-charging positive energy that help propel me toward my goals, which is where I come closest to real joy and serenity. My thinking, was essentially upside down.
More on this in future post

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