Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Decision

This posts' original title was "make a decision" but when I start writing a post or speaking about "you" or what "you" should be doing I know I should shut up and talk about me, what's my experience on the topic? Anything else is bullshit.
I should start by saying that I'm pretty anti-most everything by nature, and I'll say straight up, that I'm pretty anti-holidays. Not the good or spiritual aspects of our holidays like being with family or being altruistic (shouldn't we do this all year anyway, or at least try), I'm not even talking about the mass consumerism, which does by the way help fuel our economy, so I'll keep my haterism to a minimum.
Specifically I'm talking about the social rituals of over consuming food and alcohol, and moreover the giving of gifts in the form of un-healthy food and alcohol. I wouldn't care so much if I heard people enjoying themselves while over-indulging,but all I hear is the guilt and shame surrounding it, this and the ever increasing struggle to climb from the crevice of fat everyone has submerged themselves in. Sounds like fun, right.
My decision: To not do it, not eat the food, not drink the drink, give gifts that mean something, even a card with some real feelings attached to it would be better then an over-priced box of cookies or some other "treat" that I'll literally have to throw away to not eat. I want to stand for something, I don't want to follow the herd and I want to look lean in the Dominican Republic come January. I cant discount some vanity, it can fuel my desire to train, so what. I'll use it, even if I tell myself that I have something to prove, which I dont' but if thinking I do keeps me saner than the craziness of the holidays then I'm all for Jedi mind tricks.
I think that before I do some something I need to understand the consequences, for me the consequences of not putting on that holiday 10 lbs means I get to feel better about myself, much better than that fatty meal is gonna make me feel........... oh, I almost forgot "Happy Thanks giving"

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