Thursday, January 6, 2011

changes are afoot

I made a tough decision the other day, I gave up my jiu jitsu practice for the time being. The reason's are both physical and mental and even though I believe there are good reasons, I feel a little like a quitter. Basically I'm finding that I can't heal, the injury I sustained to my oblique, even though about 90% healed has had a devastating holistic affect (as all injuries usually do). My shoulder is hurt, my jaw is clenched (TMJ), I'm developing chronic piriformis syndrome....... not good. Emotionally I'm unable to let go and take each training day as it comes because of my physical issues, I'm stuck thinking about what may happen in class and worried about the after affects. This is a recipe for continued injury but I'm stuck due to the injuries themselves and I can't let go mentally because the physically issues have become chronic.
So for now I'm done.
On the flipside of things, I think about what to do to rejuvenate myself, and what my gut is telling me to do is to go back to bikram yoga. To get the stretch and the warmth, that drained flexible feeling that I only get from 90 minutes of intensity in a hot room, I'm going to push myself today to go to my first class in about a year.
I always give myself a hard time when I'm going through a change like this, instead of quietly adapting when it's time to do something different. This is a lot of what healthy fitness training is about, to adapt to yourself and listen to your body before severe injuries occur, to make the changes that your body and soul require. To change from the inside out.

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