Friday, January 14, 2011

I gotta make some changes...........

There's a couple of changes I'm making to which the title of this blog refers. I'm only going to write about one of them today and that one is about nutrition. Let me re-phrase that because what the word nutrition conjures up for me is images of guys in white coats wanting me to drink putrid green colored shit, or that crap they sell in delis that's thinly veiled as good for you because it's in a green container and there's a cartoon smiley face fucker on the bottle and it winds up giving me diarrhea.
Lets just say I need to make some changes in what I'm eating because I haven't been feeling too well lately, maybe just bloated, I just know that something was up and I needed to address it but sometimes it takes some time for me to figure out what might be wrong. I realized it the other day while I was preparing my food to take to work with me...... I'm eating too much meat, I'm not processing all this too well, thus the bloated feeling. At least this is what my internal self is telling my external self to do in order to achieve some balance, because balance is what I'm striving for in all areas.
So I did a few simple things:
1. Im leaving the meat out of that meal I bring to work with me, it's now just a sweet potato and broccoli (minus the turkey).
2. I'm not cooking meat at all at home.
3. I'm eating egg whites as my main source of protein (as a breakfast, and a meal I eat later in the day)
This is certainly not monumental by any stretch of the imagination but it does open me up to eating some different stuff,and as they say, variety is the spice of life, or so they'd me have me believe (whoever they are).
More importantly though, I feel somewhat rejuvenated, a little lighter........ I'm taking some action. So for now I'm going to stick with this program of a little more complex carbs and a little less protein, see how it goes and adjust as needed.
Next blog will be about how I'm attempting to re-align myself after the injury I sustained in jiu-jitsu. Be well!

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