Monday, January 17, 2011


Well, I'm still limiting my intake of meat and feel pretty good for doing it. I also got back on track as far as limiting my junk food intake and just feel a hell of a lot better, I can't handle the dairy or the processed carbs. In place of it I'm eating fruit and I know that there's sugar in fruit and I don't care........ I still haven't found anyone that gained enormous amounts of weight from eating too much fruit. In addition to that, I need snacks at night and if it's not fruit it's going to be something a hell of a lot worse.
Anyway, let me address the title of todays blog which is realignment. Due to my oblique strain I found myself completely out of whack on my left side, for today I'll address the shoulder issue. I definitely have some muscles in the shoulder which are not activating correctly and some muscles which have become excessively tight. Basically I'm unable to bench press and can't even do any wide push ups at all. I tried all the rotator cuff strengthening exercises but found no relief, I needed something to stretch my shoulder while lessening the activation of the large shoulder muscles. This is nearly impossible unless you have assistance and even though I work with a lot of PT's one is rarely available or that I trust enough to assist me. Some months back I remember leafing through a rehab magazine here at the studio and came across an advertisement for "the rotator". It looked interesting, simple and affordable and could tell right away from the design that it looked like it would work. I ordered it and let me just say that in the 4 days since I've had it, it's helped me 100%. Before stretching with the rotator I couldn't press a 30 pound DB 6 times on my left side. 3 days after using it not only did I feel the difference but I was able to press a 45 lb DB 15 times. I'm confident that I'll be getting back to my normal training weight very soon. This is a great device........It really works.
Coming up, I'll discuss the hip issues that are coming up for me and if I'll actually follow up on my threat to do some acupuncture.

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  1. Hi Hal,

    We're thrilled to hear your shoulder is responding to the Rotater...please keep us posted on your progress.