Sunday, January 2, 2011


What should my new post be about? New year resolution? I could give a shit about it, new year......let me try to do some different positive stuff for 1 day instead of the old habits that keep me stuck (mind you, this would be an accomplishment but I wouldn't see it that way, I'd already be beating myself up for not doing it everyday). For instance, this blog, I should be writing every week.......only 2 posts in December (lame), I should be making a weekly video about some exercise technique or other, but I don't, I've been waiting for the NEW YEAR!!.......when everything changes, oh joy it is all different now. it's not, it's the same shit, the same struggles, getting older, taxes, errands, blah blah blah.
Again what strikes me about all this is that I lack consistency in the areas of my life that I really want to change. For me, it is about my business, for you, it may be your physical condition. If I want to move forward I must do it consistently otherwise nothing changes, except for the level of my frustration. You see, for me, I don't give up on my goals, I keep them tucked away in my brain and as time passes and I move further from achieving them the more my frustration builds. Knowing this about myself means that continuose effort is required for me to live with myself harmoniously. Wow, that sucks, I gotta work on letting go too!
Normally my last blog paragraph has a neat conclusive statement where I try to tie everything together, I just don't have it today, today I will leave it open ended, take it as you like.

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