Monday, February 21, 2011


I felt it on Saturday while teaching my IOT class and it certainly wasn't all my doing. The energy was coming from my students, and it was ignited through physical training and mental focus. I was surprised, and the fact that I was surprised, surprised me. In other areas of my life I believe in community, but for some reason never really thought of this class as one, but I was wrong and happy to be wrong, especially when it's a gift of positive energy running through a group of people with one goal. I'm not necessarily talking about a goal of weight loss or increased endurance, I'm talking about short term goals that exist in the moment, like doing a kettlebell clean and press with good technique or getting just another inch from your hamstrings while holding an open scissor. I feel the sense of accomplishment radiating from my students which in turn drives me to be a better teacher, so my students help me as much as I help them...... I had forgotten and was happy to be reminded.
What if the energy of accomplishment flowed outward into other parts of your life? What if those small victories pertaining to technique turned into the larger ones of reaching a weight loss goal? What if your life began to change due to a different perspective? I don't know exactly what would happen but I can assure you of one thing....... it would at least be different.

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