Monday, March 21, 2011

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Instead of just staring at this blank screen I figured I'd just tell you that I was staring at it so I'd at least have some words in the space that was previously empty. What can I say to inspire, motivate, or otherwise have you hire me to help you get in shape? I can tell you what to eat, how to lift weights, what to lift and how many times a week you should do cardio, but what I can't give you is the drive you need to make the changes. I find motivation in all kinds of places, but sometimes my biggest motivator is my lack of self acceptance. I know what you're thinking........we're supposed to accept ourselves on all levels, love ourself unconditionally, but for me a certain amount of dissatisfaction with my physical appearance works for me. It"s my refusal to wade in the pool of mediocrity and complacency. I don't just want a flat stomach I want a six pack, I want to kick ass in the "spartan race" on June 4th and not just finish, I want to see what the results will be if my nutrition is near perfect. With that being said, each day is a day to perform at my best on all levels, to re-committ to my program and not settle for less than my highest expectations. On the flip side of this is my reality.......which is that I'm very human and subject to all the things that distract me from those lofty goals. So what do I do to avoid that middling state and stay sane at the same time? I look at each day as practice, and like I've mentioned in other posts......"skilled people were not born with their skills", they work their ass off. I try not to avoid the tough challenges, I strive to meet them head on, and most importantly, all I need to do is give my best effort, have some patience and be consistent. In retrospect, I've come from writing about my lack of self acceptance as my motivational tool to the patience I have for myself. Here is where my humanity lies, In the contradiction of it all.

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