Monday, April 25, 2011

limitations lead to creation

Beautiful day yesterday, sunny, 70 degrees, perfect for a run.
running shoes,i-pod, fueled up and hydrated. I felt great and was cruising along e. river park when about a mile in, that familiar feeling started in my lower right calf, to describe it more succinctly, it's a little like a hot poker is being thrust in to my lower leg. To make a long story over. This injury has been plaguing me for a year now and is not going away. I stretch, I strengthen, I ice, I heat, I wrap, but nothing seems to help. It was time to face the hard truth, which is that I'm not a runner, never was and doesn't look like I will ever be. Somewhere between the end of last summer and now I've come to accept certain physical limitations, one of which is the above mentioned. Last year I near flogged myself for every busted run, but I'm not going to do it anymore. I experienced my "flat tire" right in front of a great outdoor work out area in e. river park, pull up bars, dip bar, monkey bars, slant boards and some low hung rings make for a great workout. Throw in some jump squats and jump lunges, grab a loosened cobblestone as an awkward dumbbell and do twists, sots presses and fingertip curls. This was great and I was exhausted. This is the type of workout that helped inspire me to create my inside out training system. No rules, no boundaries, no waiting for equipment, just use what's at hand and get at it. Go as long and hard as possible and results are inevitable. To experience this burn come to my barefoot bootcamp, Monday - Friday at 12 and 4, Saturdays at 12:30.

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