Thursday, May 12, 2011

staying positive.................

Sounds easy, but for me it can be very hard. "Acting as if"is easy, wearing the cloak of positivity and forward progress while not truly feeling it inside. I strive to have my inside feelings match my outside projections but usually for short of my high expectations. although this projection is a giant step toward actually feeling good, I can still feel the inner gnawing and the turmoil that stirs within my gut. And by the way, whoever is stirring the gnawing and turmoil: Could you please put down that knife and switch to wooden spoon? Thank you.
What I've come to understand is that my coping mechanisms are unhealthy and this is certainly not a revelation, But at the same time it helps to recognize that this way of coping is also habit, ingrained over a lifetime. Positive habits take time too, but they don't necessarily have to take another 40 yrs (ok, 41). My negative habits are simply the path of least resistance. Positive habits take strength and a focused awareness on the positive to truly create powerful intent. I want great relationships in all aspects, to be as fit as I can be,and to have my financial needs met, to name a few. All of these great things first require a spiritual path that is as uncluttered as possible, this path is not the one of least resistance but one of perseverance, hard work and commitment. Bring this to your workout and your success is guaranteed.

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