Tuesday, August 9, 2011


August may only be second to February on my list of hated months. But why hate August, it is still summer right? Sort of, I guess, but mostly I feel anxious, school is starting.......the school bus, surprise quizzes, homework, other kids that had that growth spurt I never had, kids I picked on the year before now picking on me, waking up early........oh the pain!
To make matters worse I felt my only protection was to swaddle myself in my new school year armor; the fall wardrobe, which in the heat of september only made me sweaty, in addition to being anxious.
Part of the reason I quickly dove in to my long pants and shirts was that I always felt uncomfortable with myself. I was envious of the kids who just never cared how they looked or at least wouldn't sweat their ass off because they were afraid of getting made fun of in some way for wearing shorts. I wish I had my Barefoot Bootcamp back then, I would have been in awesome shape..... My white New Balance high tops accentuating my sinewy calves, My Maui and Sons shorts draped perfectly around my trim waist and my OP t-shirt just hugging my perfect pecs and biceps. This is now attainable to all of us through the dynamic fitness class known as Hal's Barefoot Bootcamp..........sign up now!

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